BringGo AU & NZ Customer Reviews:



Takes to long to load up. Also finding addresses can be a nightmare. Worst thing is I've already paid for it.


I can not even sign in to my account great !!!! Not

Keeps telling me that my trial period has finished even though i have purchased the app need to be fixed to rate higher

Not to bad

Could be better but overall pretty good does what it says...


Cannot find far too many street names and street names that have been there for years and spelling is correct. The most frustrating app I have ever used

Not happy refund required

Just paid for trial for my colorado and it sux use it for 2 minutes and went back to my navicon on my samsung much nicer i want a refund for the paid trial as it is terrable and does not work properley slow and understanding the voice over is very difficult how do i get my money back

Not a patch on TomTom

A good concept poorly implemented, in my Colorado at least. Map updates well behind my TomTom GO600 (free lifetime updates) and Google. Notification of map updates only turn up when I activate Bringo unlike other apps that notify you if installed on your device. Clearer annuonciation would help especially for street names - not good if I'm in unfamiliar territory, oh thats why I have a navigator. Fortunately when Bringo lets me down Google on my Samsung S3 saves the day, TomTom is usually in other car.

Oh dear

Paid for the trial went to use it 2 days later says trial has finished found out how to use samsung phone google maps through my trax works really good and its free

Why use a 'premium' service that doesn't even provide the same level of usabilty as google maps. Have stopped using my in-built navigation on my Trax and encourage everyone to pressure holden to let us make a choice rather then be forced to use this below par app.

Not accurate at all

Was out by about 500km and just would not locate me will just stick with google maps but would like to see this app make some changes and find some development email me when you (the developers) decide its satisfactory to re-buy


Cannot link with mylink as it is supposed to do drives me crazy holden australia needs to be notified about how bad this app is ...

changed my phone

cannot get app to work. dont want to download again.

Paid twice

Purchased bringo earlier this year. Just upgrade my phone and now its askings me to pay again. What crap.


All good so far 😊


Unintuitive. Hard to use. Slow. Absolute rubbish.

Works well.. use it with the Colorado and no problems

Doesn't work on my trax and haven't been able to use it in over a year. Not happy because having a built in navigation system was one reason I bought the car!!!!!

Not impressed at all that I now have a sat nav stuck to my window! !

Don't buy this!

Have had nothing but problems since day one. Paid full price for the maps given I'm stuck with this for my new Colorado and it doesn't work. There's always an issue with gps or something, yet other other map programs work fine. Don't waste your money!

The worst ever

I drive a lot and overseas with various nav systems but this is the worst. Unfortunately it came with the colorado so did not nave a choice but would probably be the no 1 reason to sell. After a weekend in adelaide, once again tried it. Fail and in the end had to use Google maps with issues including + voice un clear when pronouncing road names and distances, even when new the name she sound nothing like it+ system unable to locate major sites including royal adelade hospital or marion (oops no more room)

Very disappointed

Paid for the app for my parents to use in there car, they were very happy and liked it. Now its saying i have to pay nearly $90 to keep the maps working... not happy at all

Absolut rubbish

This app is total rubbish so you charge $2.5 only to test your application for 30 days this is stealing I'm not happy with the app I want refund .

Way to hard to work worse thing about my new holden

Absolute Crap

Got it because my barina uses it. Kept dropping out. Slow to recalculate. Struggles to find actual location while driving and thinks your on different streets. How do i get a refund?

Rip off

Refuse to purchase something that is free on Google Maps!! Slow, glitchy, drains battery. Very disappointing as its the only form of navigation available for the in car MyLink system in my Colorado.

Error code (00)

Tride to install and just keep getting error code 00

Colleen Keysell

Does not hive accurate directions app decided to update download when i wanted immediate directions

Works well in my Trax. A bit disappointed that it doesn't display the speed limits and then no warnings for creeping over the speed limit.


Search bar within the app cannot find places.

Not the best app

Works when it can find the right address. Every address we seem to input can never be found. POI seem to miss anything usefull. No good for tight roads with lots of turns seem to freak out and have to big of a delay. There is alot of room for improvement expecially when they have a powerfull phone as a platform. Auto zoom when approaching corners or destinations needs to be improved.


Works great in holden colorado


Can't find anything, no where near as good as free google maps, just awful. Just trying to figure out how to get a refund.

Worst nevigation syatem ever

I need my money back. What a waste of money

Great app for my holden colardo

Just works awesome so easy to use and I always finish up at my destination with no fuss


You will learn to despise this app. I have signed in at least six times and still have never seen a map.

Absolutely junk won't even know some places in NZ,takes long way round or just gets lost.why do you need a phone for GPS?Holden colorado GPS sux.Now won't even hook up to the car.

Works great Holden Colorado with galaxy s5

Have been using with my 2015 Holden Colorado since June 2015 works well does exactly what it's soposed to I'm touring Australia for two years so will be giving it a flogging. update February 2016 sill using as primarily GPS on trip around Oz currently in tasmania still performance is awsome last update cleared bugs to app thankyou.

Excellent app

Overall u am very happy with it.

Works well.

Works great in car. Very accurate and easy to use. Just set your phone location settings to device only (gps) and it doesn't use any data.